FinCoNet Open Meeting 2017


7 April 2017, Dublin, Ireland

The FinCoNet Seminar will allow supervisors and other parties interested in financial consumer protection to listen to, exchange views with, and pose questions to a variety of speakers over three panels on topics related to financial innovation and consumer protection.

The FinCoNet Open Meeting will provide an opportunity for supervisors to discuss these topics further, to learn about the work of FinCoNet and to gain useful insights on the benefits of membership through the value of sharing information and knowledge on supervisory tools and best practices.

Both the Seminar and Open Meeting will focus on issues relating to fintech and financial consumer protection.


Following brief introductory remarks, the FinCoNet Seminar will consist of three panel discussions on topics related to financial innovation and consumer protection that are of interest and relevance to supervisory authorities.

  • Session 1: Financial Innovation and its Implications for Financial Consumer Protection is intended to provide seminar participants with concrete examples of the implications of ‘fintech’ and financial innovation more generally for consumer protection, and to provide supervisory authorities with practical suggestions as to how they might respond to them;
  • Session 2: Financial Innovation at the Regional and Global Level – What’s Being Done by Whom? is expected to provide attendees with an overview of the current regional and global regulatory landscape and how it is responding to the challenges for consumer protection posed by fintech; and
  • Finally, in Session 3: Fintech and the Consumer, seminar participants are encouraged to consider the risks and benefits associated with fintech and financial innovation from the consumer’s perspective.

In the afternoon, the FinCoNet Open Meeting will comprise of a roundtable discussion on the issues, trends and priorities identified during the morning seminar and how FinCoNet can respond.






>> Agenda (pdf)

>> Speaker biographies (pdf)

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Sally Day-Hanotiaux,
FinCoNet Secretariat
Tel: +33 145 24 96 61


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