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Established in 2013, the International Financial Consumer Protection Organisation (FinCoNet) is an international organisation of supervisory authorities which have responsibility for financial consumer protection. Read More

Financial Advertising and Consumer Protection: Supervisory Challenges and Approaches

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Financial advertising is an important financial consumer protection issue. The potential harm to consumers that misleading, unclear, or false information in financial advertisements may cause is significant. This report presents findings on regulatory and supervisory approaches to financial advertising, based on survey responses from 20 jurisdictions. The report also explores challenges, trends, emerging issues and innovations through the analysis of results and the use of case studies and examples.

SupTech Tools for Market Conduct Supervisors

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The rapidly evolving technological landscape of financial services provision requires a proactive and resolute approach from supervisors towards the use of digital technology. This report highlights new, innovative and relevant SupTech tools for market conduct and financial consumer protection from over 20 jurisdictions. Featuring numerous case studies, it also explores how different authorities approach the phenomenon of SupTech, including the strategies followed and the levels of reliance on SupTech.