About us

Established in 2013, FinCoNet is an international organisation of supervisory authorities which have responsibility for financial consumer protection.  It is a member based organisation and has been set up as a not-for-profit association under French law.

FinCoNet promotes sound market conduct and strong consumer protection through efficient and effective financial market conduct supervision.

Each member of FinCoNet has responsibility for and an interest in protecting the interests of consumers of financial services. FinCoNet seeks to enhance the protection of consumers and strengthen consumer confidence by promoting robust and effective supervisory standards and practic‌es and by the sharing of best practices among supervisors.  It also seeks to promote fair and transparent market practices and clear disclosure to consumers of financial services.

FinCoNet’s focus is on banking and credit consumer issues.

 Photo Maria Lucia Leitao, FinCoNet Vice-Chair FinCoNet Vice Chair - Chris Green ASIC

Maria Lucia Leitão,
Chair of FinCoNet 

Chris Green,
Vice Chair of FinCoNet

Why join FinCoNet

FinCoNet is open to new members and would encourage supervisory authorities to consider joining

  • It is a member based organisation – it is there for its members

  • FinCoNet aims to help supervisory authorities which are faced with particular challenges to deliver on their mandates by promoting best practice and sharing information among members.

  • It also offers the opportunity to help develop and enhance consumer protection standards and practices across the world.

  • It provides a forum for members to make contact and engage with other members and to share information.